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Does anyone have advice? I enter multiple contests literally everyday and win nothing Sad

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Summerknight - if your join date is correct, well then it has only been waht??? - 2 weeks? I have been entering CONSISTENTLY for 7 months now appr 200/day!!! I am hpoing that some of the contests that I entered early on are ending now or ended a month ago and they are just late sending out prize notifications. As I have been told, be patient. Stare

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Smile @SummerKnight: My advice is take a day or two off and not enter anything. Then, when you go back, ONLY enter those contests that you truly wish to win and think about often. If you're entering anything and everything hoping to win something or anything, it is a very inefficient use of the powerful energy that you are. Plus, its a huge waste of your time and entering sweeps then starts to become like a chore when it should be fun. This is probably why you are asking this question. You probably feel frustrated. If you smile while you enter and focus your energy, lightening always strikes and brings you what you want. Good luck and REMEMBER...Focus and Enjoy!!!